Founded 31st March 2010 by the Rotary Club of Monash Inc.
Incorporated 14th October 2013
Org. No. A0060081A

Probus Accreditation Number 2443

Club Number 9003861

District number 9810

Email Address: - Postal Address: - PO Box 3516, WHEELERS HILL, VIC, 3150

Membership Policy


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Membership is currently set at 110 as adopted by members at the Annual General Meeting on 2nd March 2015. Membership is full.

Members were advised at the General Meeting on Monday 7th September, 2015 that: -
i. The waiting list will be opened at 9.00am on Monday 14th September, 2015.
ii. The Secretary is delegated to close the waiting list once 20 valid applications are received.
iii. The conditions of clause 11 of the By-Laws will be followed.

It should be noted that this only relates to the waiting list and it could be some significant time before any membership offers can be made.

Policy Statement

Membership of this Club shall be open to retired and semi retired professional and business people and others from any worthy vocation who appreciate and value opportunities for social contact with others in similar circumstances.

Membership of the Club is also open to both men and women  primarily from the of the City of Monash, of which Notting Hill is a suburb.

Membership shall consist of ordinary members, honorary members, life members or non-active members. The honorary members may be elected at the discretion of and on such terms as may be decided by a majority of members at a General Meeting. Life membership may be conferred upon a member who has rendered outstanding service to the club. Non- active membership may be conferred by the Management Committee upon a member who because of illness or a physical disability are unable to attend regular meetings..

The maximum number of ordinary members shall be decided by members at an Annual General Meeting or at a General Meeting pursuant to a Special Resolution of which due notice has been given at a previous General Meeting.

Our current number of ordinary members is restricted to 110 with a gender balance not exceeding 60%/40%.
In the event that the gender balance exceeds 60%/40% priority will be given to the applicant(s) who help to correct the imbalance.

Membership of the club shall be contingent upon attendance at regular meetings of not less than 50% in any club year, subject to a leave of absence having been granted for sickness or any other reasonable grounds.

Applications for membership shall be on the prescribed form signed by two financial members as sponsors and handed to the Secretary after the applicant has attended at least one Ordinary  General Meeting.

Upon receipt by the Secretary all Application Forms shall be noted with the date of receipt and retained with any other applications in chronological sequence awaiting a vacancy on either the Membership List or the Waiting List. The Committee shall be advised of the receipt of any new membership application.

When there is a vacancy on the Waiting List the next application in sequence shall be submitted to the Committee for consideration and approval for entry onto the Waiting List.

When a vacancy occurs in membership the next applicant on the Waiting list shall be submitted to the Committee for processing as a member.

 Sponsors shall be notified of their nominee's acceptance or otherwise and members shall be advised in a General Meeting when an applicant has been accepted for membership or placed on the Waiting List.

The joining fee and annual subscription shall be payable (prorated in accordance with Probus policy) on acceptance as a member of the Club.